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Hello! My name is Chloe. This is my Fitspo blog! I'm twenty and I have some goals! I want to be fit, healthy, and finally become the confident, sexy, badass woman I know I can be. I've already got the personality -- now I just need the confidence! Shouldn't be too difficult! ;)


What I do now: Jogging/running, swimming.


SW: 145 lbs as of 7/30/12
UGW: 115 lbs and October 2012 :)

{144, 143, 142, 141, 140, 139, 138, 137, 136, 135, 134, 133, 132, 131, 130, 129, 128, 127, 126, 125, 124, 123, 122, 121, 120, 119, 118, 117, 116, 115, 114, 113, 112, 111, 110}

At 120lbs, I'll buy myself something nice. :)


Well, my goals for weight loss just aren’t happening, so I’m just going to change the dates for summer.

Still going to workout a crap-ton, but I’m definitely trying to eat healthier now. I bought like, three packages of celery (I like to eat the hearts, but buying a single package of just celery hearts is about $3 more than the regular stalks). Anyway, sidetracked.

I’ve definitely gained a bit more fat in my lower stomach, even though my weight has stayed the same. Ugh. Started drinking a lot more water, despite the fact that I had a soda yesterday. I kind of have a little more motivation to look good now, and no, it’s not a boy.

Kind of a longshot, I know, but I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be an actress. So, I might as well look good when I go into auditions. I’ll be more comfortable with myself if I lose the weight, and that’s always fantastic. :)

Yes. I’ll take measurements in just a second. Though I’m sure it’s either gotten bigger or stayed the same.

Posted on March/4/2012
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Weighed in at 134lbs this week.

Going to take measurements soon, but honestly, I’ve just been in a funk. I haven’t really been feeling boxing at all this semester, and I don’t understand why, because it was so fun last semester! If I skip any gym days, it’s usually boxing. Like I did today. And on Monday, even though I needed to study for exams. Sigh.

Family issues back home have made my workouts not as exciting as they used to be. I went to Zumba yesterday, and normally I have a blast, but yesterday I just went through the motions and didn’t really enjoy myself at all. I don’t like this.

I’ve also been drinking a bit more soda than I should, which isn’t good. I’ve also been sleeping most of the time during the day, aside from my classes, because I’ve been up so late as of recent. And that means less eating, as in, skipping meals to sleep. Probably even worse.

I suppose I’m just getting a bit discouraged. I’ve been going about this for over a year now, and I really haven’t seen any change. I feel some change in my body, but not to the extent I want. I’m sick of feeling like this, but nothing happens!

I’m going to go drink a ton of water now, and take a shower, and do homework, and go to sleep at a reasonable time tonight. Hopefully getting back on track with that will make me feel better, and I won’t be so tired all the time, and eat and drink bad things.

My thoughts on a two-hour workout: Holy crap, that was good.

So I decided, on a whim, that I would attend both Zumba and Butts, Guts, and Thighs tonight. They take an hour each. I. AM. SO. SORE. Not to mention, I am dripping sweat. My back is totally soaked, which is pretty disgusting, but I’m kinda proud of it. Zumba was lots of fun, though I came in about ten minutes late because I was lollygagging. I definitely feel like I’m getting better at it, and I’m way more energetic about the dance moves (which for me is a big deal, because I don’t dance at all!). I still noticed I’m a little stiff, but hey, this is only the second class of the semester. I’ll be FANTASTIC at this in no time.

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This wasn’t originally going to be an update but turned into one.

Put away most of all of the clothes that are too tight for me to wear and make me self-conscious (I still have a basket full of laundry to do). I foresee lots of sweatshirts and things to cover up my body, and not just because it’s winter. But, let’s get this stage out of the way, and then I can wear whatever the hell I want when summer comes around!

Woke up this morning and danced in the nude to “Whale of a Tale” about three times, and then I heard magpies chittering outside my window. Saw two big ones first, which means luck! Then, of course, two more show up and, well, guess I’m magically expecting a boy.

Tomorrow I start Pink Gloves Boxing, level two! Ready to get back into boxing, I need it! Also, definitely work on my endurance. I felt like I nearly blacked out the last time I boxed 1-2s for three minutes straight, which is ridiculous. So, work on endurance.

I am eating spinach salads (with red beans, red/green peppers, a little bacon, and a drizzle of either ranch or italian dressing) with all of my meals now, and I don’t mind it! I actually like it, but I think it’s because I realize now that I can start to eat the things I like, in moderation. I actually eat healthier than my vegetarian friends, I think. At least, whenever I eat with them — I usually have a large (read: most of the plate) salad, and then some chicken or other food, with either water or soda (when my stomach hurts). When I eat with them, it seems like it’s all fries and pizza and just…food of one color. I am very happy my Granny always reminded me to eat lots of colors.

I bought some Nutella yesterday and, uh, it’s about half gone today. No one’s perfect! But, I also got some mangoes, celery, carrots, and cheese (which I like to mix in with my eggs), as well as some chocolate milk. Little indulgences are good! Trying to cut back on soda, but this past winter break it was all I drank, so it’ll be difficult.

Not sure how much I weigh. I feel like I’ve gained a bit since I’ve been back at school, but tomorrow before boxing I’ll weigh myself and see what I truly weigh. A little nervous, but it must be done!

I think that’s all. Got homework and laundry to do, and then hopefully I’ll be in bed by eleven at the latest! I’ve been staying up way too late talking to friends and writing, and I need to get back on track. I used to be able to wake up at 7:30 at the start of the semester, and all without any trouble! Now it’s hard for me to get up a little before 9, and that’s not good! Get back on track, girl!

Yes. There you go, my update!

"A whale of a tale, and it’s all true,

I swear by my tattoo!”

Also, supplement/vitamin question.

As of recently in boxing, whenever I’m doing ducks, my knees begin to hurt. Not too, too badly, but they hurt enough where I have to pause what I’m doing and rest for a moment. I’ve always had bad knee/back problems, but now I’m wondering, is there something I should be taking for them? Should I stop off at my local GNC and pick up some vitamins that would help?

Boxing was great, as usual.

I need to get more sleep though, or at least go to bed earlier, because I felt a bit out of it and lightheaded today. My sides hurt really bad, too, but now my abs feel toned every time I take a step. Yaaay. My boxing “final” is going to be on Sunday, from 2-4pm. I’ve only got one chance to do my combination perfectly, and I’ve got it all down, so I’m just stressing over nothing!

I also weighed myself, and it’s still at 133.8. So…no change there. Again. Let’s see what these magic water pills do!

I had the best dinner, too. It was lime-seared salmon, a small portion of a poblano rice/beans stuffed pepper, three asparagus (asparagi?) wrapped in a salty goat cheese spread and a piece of proscuitto, then a handful of strawberries and grapes. It was the prettiest dinner ever, and definitely fantastic as far as cafeteria food goes.

Overall, I feel pretty accomplished today. I’ve got some work to do for school later tonight, but it’s been good so far. :)

Is it safe to try and lose 7lbs in two weeks?

I’ve heard people say that you should only try and lose 1-2lbs per week, but I’m just curious. I wouldn’t even know how to go about doing such a thing, because clearly I’m not having such luck with my normal workout routine!

Fitness Crisis

Well, a personal crisis at least.

Inside, I’m freaking out.

It’s been, what, four months already since I’ve been working out and attempting to eat healthier, and I haven’t seen ANY CHANGE in the parts of my body that I’d like to. Specifically, my stomach and the fat that’s there. My arms and legs are definitely more muscular, and yes, I can feel my ab muscles are harder, but they’re still covered by this fat. I take measurements, I weigh myself, and I am just STUCK.

STUCK STUCK STUCK and I don’t know what the hell to do.

I always imagined that I’d either be at my goal weight by now, or at least have gotten rid of this soft stomach of mine. And yet, neither has happened. When I weigh myself, it’s usually the same, around 134. When I measure myself, my waist hasn’t shrunk at all. Yet I box and dance and do lots of cardio, with a bit of strength thrown in the mix, and I don’t know what the hell I’m doing wrong.

So I have to admit, I’m feeling a little desperate. What can I do to make sure that my goal for “fat burning” gets accomplished within, say, two weeks? Honestly, at this point, I don’t care about losing the weight, I just want to get rid of this fat. I can get rid of the weight later on, but for right now, I’m only concerned with fat.

Okay, I’ll admit, I’ve had a few sodas this past week, and yes, perhaps I had a bit too much sodium on certain days. But, I’ve been drinking lots of green tea (no honey or anything) and lots more water than I was originally. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!

It’s just so incredibly frustrating.

What would you, good fitspos of Tumblr, recommend to me?

I have a question about sodium!

What should be the daily intake for sodium? I get so confused by labels. Take a can of Campbell’s New England Clam Chowder, for example.

For a single serving of 1/2 cup, there’s 90 calories in it, and then for sodium, it says this: Sodium: 650 mg, 27%.

What does the percent stand for? That it’s 27% of my daily intake for sodium? I don’t understand, and I think this is my downfall as to why I’m not losing weight/’burning’ fat after all of my hours in the gym. What should I be paying attention to more — the milligrams or the percentage of sodium in a product?

So yep, here’s me. In all of my stunning glory. Aren’t I fabulous? T_T

The darker pictures were taken eight days ago, the lighter ones taken just moments ago. In the middle picture, I’m sucking in a lot, and I’m attempting to take a picture to show you what I mean by “I can see what I’d look like without the fat on my stomach”. I’m pinching one of my (fl)abs, and pointing to the line that shows the separation between the abs underneath my fat, and the fat itself. At least, that’s how I think of it.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted pictures, but it needs to be done, so I can kick my ass in gear and eat healthier. I don’t like looking at myself, and I can exercise all I want, but I won’t see anything unless I start eating healthy. Not healthier — that could mean adding some fruit and water and being lax about it — but healthy, as in, I’m going to stick with it.

It’s late, and I’m tired now. Going to chug some water and hit the sack.