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Hello! My name is Chloe. This is my Fitspo blog! I'm twenty and I have some goals! I want to be fit, healthy, and finally become the confident, sexy, badass woman I know I can be. I've already got the personality -- now I just need the confidence! Shouldn't be too difficult! ;)


What I do now: Jogging/running, swimming.


SW: 145 lbs as of 7/30/12
UGW: 115 lbs and October 2012 :)

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At 120lbs, I'll buy myself something nice. :)


Title: Hindi Sad Diamonds Artist: Nicole Kidman 499 plays

"Hindi Sad Diamonds" from the Moulin Rouge! soundtrack.

It’s just what I’m listening to right now. I really love the beginning.

Posted on September/8/2011
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    Joe Leguabe & Nicole Kidman - Hindi Sad Diamonds (from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack)
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    "Hindi Sad Diamonds" Moulin Rouge! “I only speak the truth!…Chamma! Chamma!” Absolutely my favorite scene/song from...
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    I’ve seen this movie what feel like 1000 times, and I never grow bored. It’s amazing!
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    Song is amazing and just poped up (:
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    moulin rouge! - hindi sad diamonds.
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    Hindi sad diamonds - Moulin Rouge
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